Grades K thru 6





Northeast Child Center Picture.  3rd grade 1951-1952 

Northeast Child Center  First Grade  1949-1950  Miss Keller 

Left to right
First row                         Second row
Frosty Chapman              Evan Haydon
Patty Sue Coleman          Ginger Koon
Darlene Sederburg          Mary Caryln DeVaney
Laura ?                           Judy Catlett
Keith Jackson                  Mary Jo Thacker
Kathy Lux                       Ardyth Holscher
Jim Gillette                      Janeil Shepherd
                                      Fred Gass
                                      Karin McCarthy
                                      Michael Mills


Northeast Child Center 1st Grade Class 1949-1950
Miss Keller (later Mrs. Mickle)

Left to Right
Front Row                        Back Row
  ?                                   Judy Catlett
  ?                                   Kathy Lux
Darlene Sederburg           Michael Mills
Patty Sue Coleman           Frosty Chapman
  ?                                   Janeil Shepherd
Mary Caryln DeVaney       Mary Jean Bovey
Jim Gillette                       Ginger Koon
Keith Jackson                   Fred Gass
Cindy Hester                    Ardyth Holscher
  ?                                   Evan Haydon
  ?                                   Karin McCarthy
  ?                                   Mary Jo Thacker
  ?                                   Ronnie Fisher

Painting eggs in Miss Keller's class in 1950, 1st grade.
Left to right: Darlene Sederburg, Mary Jo Thacker, Evan Haydon, Fred Gass, and Ardyth Holscher.
   The 12 months of calendars on the wall have the classmate's birthdays listed in the proper months.


Members of the Northeast Child Center 3rd grade class 1951-1952
( I think this is correct but could have some errors )

Marc Borchers                               Edith Hart
Mary Jean Bovey                           Evan Haydon
Judy Catlett                                  Sue Heilman
Frosty Chapman                            Ardyth Holscher
Patty Sue Coleman                        Keith Jackson
Sharon Dammon (Framstead)         Virginia Koon
Larry Delhay                                 Kathleen Lux
Janet Everett                                 Gerald Pierce

Fred Gass                                     Darlene Sederburg
Judy Goin                                     Janeil Shepherd
Cherie Graves                               Sandra Schick
Wylie Griffith                                 Janet Sommer
Larry Hamilton                              Mary Jo Thacker
Larry Handa                                  Dean Thompson



Havelock 3rd Grade  1951-1952   Miss Carriker

Left to Right
Front row         Second row         Third row      Fourth row
     ?                       ?              Janet Trook     Sheri Parks
Bill Hoppe        Ron Weyers       Lyle Tautfest   Sandra Schuman
     ?              Glenda Ankrom    Curt Kiner            ?
     ?              Duane Lutji              ?                    ?
Walter Mellon                          Steve Brown    Rita Catheral
                                             Kathy Emery          ?
                                                  ?                     ?
                                             Don Stump
                                             Art Bandars


Havelock  4th Grade   1952-1953   Mrs. Overton

Left to Right
Front row                 Second row                 Third row
Rita Nelson               Helen Price               Larry Mahagan
Barbara Ridgley       Gary Maxwell              Janet Chitum
Melvin Schuler           Kay Stoehr                Butch Lyon
Madeline Towns    Diane Hergenrader            Phil Cave
                                    ?                         Helen Koch
                            Diane Hedricks           Susan Newburn
                             Larry Phillips             Delores Houser
                                  ?                       Anna Marie Barrett
                              Bob Martin               Richard Pickard
                              Ed Harmon                Neil Staberg


History of Huntington School
  Originally Jackson High School stood alone on 47th street in the middle of the block on the west side between Cleveland street and Adams street in University Place. When Northeast High School opened in 1941, Jackson High School was closed. Huntington Elementary school stood across 47th street from Jackson High on the east side of the street. It was originally a yellow two-story frame building on the corner lot. In 1949 Huntington was overcrowded and some classes were held in the basement of the old Jackson High with the upper floors used for Army Reserve classes. Eventually all of Jackson High was occupied by Huntington elementary. The old frame building was torn down and a three story brick building was built to also house Huntington elementary. Later a new gym and cafeteria was constructed. In 1999, both buildings were torn down and a new Huntington School was built at the west end of the two properties with a new address of 2900 N. 46th Street.


Huntington School Class Pictures

Huntington 2nd Grade  1950-1951   Mrs Heneger

Left to right                                              3rd row
1st row                    2nd row                    Mrs Heneger
Kip Hoffman             Ted James                Willis Leyden
Karon Otto               Cheryl Kennell          David Rigg
Penny Paulson          Rex Stack                 Barbara Hand
Mike Lessard            Prudence Irwin               Frank Richardson 
Sandy Hansmire       Jane Holm                 Suzanne Plum
Martha May              Ann Miller                 Daryl McC ?
Denny Craig             Billy Stinchcomb        Evelyn S ?
Linda Lee                 Steve Eisenach          John Gould
Judy Ueberrhein       Diane Underwood       Mary Jean Prochaska
Raymond Ortiz         Sarah Hohenstein       Wes ?
                                                                Miss Reed

Huntington 2nd Grade  1950-1951   Miss Lenz

Left to right

1st row                                    2nd row                             3rd row
Virginia Dolezal                  Milton Chubbuck                    Miss Lenz
Gary Roblyer                     Janet Varga                           Connie Myers
Joan Knox                          Sylvia Bell                              Cecil Pine
Donna Anderson               Charles Bloom                       Ralph Wolfe
Daryl Chapelle                   Larry Kness                            Winona Spink
James Hartman                     ?    Lange                          Nancy Cornell
Sheryl Robinson                John Perry                            Barry Ferguson
Mary Lou Kreps                 Cathy VanLandingham         James Wiest
Barbara Hand                   Phillip Holmes                        James Olson 
                                                                                      Marjorie Johnson
                                                                                      Cheryll Hoon

Huntington 3rd Grade  1951-1952   Miss Neth

Left to Right
1st row (front)                    2nd row                       3rd row
Sue Hile                                  ?                          Miss Neth
Milton Chubbuck                      ?                                  ?
      ?                                      ?                                  ?
Pat Neiswanger               Cecil Pine                             ?
Sally Johnston                         ?                                  ?
Barbara McGrail                       ?                                  ?
Bobby Lyons                   Don Anderson              Ralph Wolfe
        ?                                    ?                          Alan Barkley

Huntington 3rd Grade 1951-1952   Mrs Poe

Left to right
1st row (front)                2nd row                    3rd row
Mary Jean Prochaska        John Perry               Cherrl Robinson
Larry Kness                     Phil Holmes              Marge Johnson
Cheryl Hoon                    Willis Leyden                  ?
Ted James                      Gary Roblyer           Connie Myers
Denny Craig                    Daryl Chapelle                ?
James Olson                   John Gould               Nancy ?
Sandy Hansmire                ?                                ?
Virginia Dolezal                  ?                           Joan Knox
                                                                     Mary Lou Kreps
                                                                    Cathy Van Landingham
                                                                    Karon Otto

Huntington 3rd Grade  1951-1952   Miss Hutchinson
Front to Back
1st row (left)                   2nd row                    3rd row
Roger Wright                 Penny Paulson            Prudence Irwin
Linda Schmieding          Janet Varga                Steve Eisenach
Claude Wingrove           Donna Anderson         Phyllis Portsche
Judy Ueberrhein            James Hartman           Kip Hoffman
Orley Cookson               Sarah Hohenstein       Mary Forrest
Jane Holm                     Martha May                Ann Miller
4th row                           5th row
Minford Greiss                Dennis Page
Barry Jackson                 Linda Lee
Rex Stack                      Winona Spink
Susanne Plum                Susan ?
James Weist

Huntington 4th Grade  1952-1953   Mrs Tripp
Left to Right
1st row (Front)             2nd Row             Third Row            Fourth Row
Nancy Reynolds          Roger White       Linda Johnson       Steve Eisenach
Sharon Shuck                 ?                   Janet Varga        Shirley Robertson
Donna Anderson    Linda Schmieding           ?                  Jerry Wittmeyer
Karon Otto             Dean Thompson     Alwine Wirschke    Virginia Koon
Marie Shaw             Mike                    Penny Paulson      Cheryl Hoon
Judy Ueberrhein      Daryl Chapelle       Susanne Plum       Richard Marks
                             Dennis Page          Darlene Sederburg
                            Phyllis Portsche      Winona Spink
                              Pat Miller              Sharon Fisher



Huntington 4th Grade  1952-1953    Mrs. Felger

Left to right
1st row (front)      2nd row                    3rd row                4th row
Orley Cookson      Jacki Maul                  Alan Barkley        Wes ?
Ralph Wolfe         Sue Hile                    Sally Johnston       Rita Rouscher
Phil Holmes         Sandy Hansmire          Jim Hartman         Don Anderson
John Perry           Denny Craig                ?                        Sandra Schick
                          Sarah Hohenstein        Ann Munnis          Fred Gass
                          Larry Hamilton            Martha May          Pat McMaster
                          Diane Underwood        Ann Miller            Evan Haydon
                          Jane Holm                  Mary Forrest         Janet Sommer
                          Linda Lee                                             Sharon McGinnis

Huntington 5th Grade 1953-1954   Miss Hess

Front to Back   Row One on left side
Row One         Row Two            Row Three        Row Four      Row Five
Jim Weist              ?                         ?                     ?            Jack Calfee
Karen Otto     Kip Hoffman       Dave Wright   Dean Thompson  Mary Lou Kreps
Jack Hatfield   Ann Munnis                ?                     ?                  ?
        ?         Diane Underwood Susanne Plum           ?                 ?
        ?             Linda Lee                   ?                     ?                 ?
Ted James                            Ginger Koon             ?             James Olsen
                  Sharon McGinnis    Fred Gass

Huntington 5th Grade  1953-1954   Mrs. Furman

From front to back
1st row (left side)         2nd row                   3rd row
Winona Spink               Evan Haydon            Sarah Hohenstein
John Perry                    Barbara McGrail       Obed Cramer
Carol Bowmaster          Orley Cookson           Ralph Wolfe
Ardyth Holscher            Denny Craig             Sandra Schick
Darlene Sederburg        Valerie Hitch            Jacqy Maul
                                    Mrs. Furman

4th row                       5th row                     6th row
Larry Hamilton             Linda Carlson            Sally Johnston
Pat McMaster                Dale Byrne               Sharon Swenson
John Shepherd             Phyllis Porsche          Dennis Page
Evelyn S                      Jerry Schweitzer        Jerry K
Bobby Williams             Patricia Miller
Roger White


Huntington 5th Grade  1953-1954   Mrs. Spearman

Front to back
1st row (left side)          2nd row                 3rd row
Sheryl Robertson          Peggy King             Sue Hile
Don Anderson               Nancy Cornell         Martha May
Diane Stewart               Don Gillard             Judy Ueberrhein
                                    Rita Rauscher         Connie Myers
                                    Judy Catlett            Alwine Wirschke
                                                                 Janet Sommer

4th row                         5th row                   6th row
Cathy VanLandingham    Daryl Chapelle        Sandy Hansmire
Sandra Ackerman           Pat Neiswanger       Ross Looney
Bobby Lyons                 Claude Wingrove      Prudence Irwin
Mary Forrest                 Sherry Speir            Steve Eisenach
Judy Spes                     Larry Stanley           Bev Meyers
Ann Miller                    Margaret Johnson
Penny Paulson

Huntington 6th Grade  1954-1955

Left to right
1st row (front)         2nd row                3rd row                4th row
Karon Otto              Judy Ueberrhein     Jack Hatfield            ?
Denny Craig            Don Wright                ?                     Bev Myers
Sandy Hansmire      Joan Buckwaters     Roger White        Varerie Hitch
Sue Heilman            Peggy King                 ?                     Nancy Cornell
Orley Cookson         Lyle Tautfest          Bill Peterson        Sharon McGinnis
Bobby Lyons            Dale Byrne            Bill Seng              Patricia Miller
Pat Neiswanger        Jacqy Maul            Sandy Ackerman        ?
Phyllis Dinges           Jim Olson             Winona Spink       Diane Rurup
Dean Thompson        Sally Johnston     Sarah Hohenstein  Betty Becker

Huntington 6th Grade 1954-1955  Mrs. Anderson

Left to Right
First Row (front)          2nd Row                3rd Row               4th Row
?                              ?                           ?                           ?
Sue Hile                 Larry Kness                     ?                    Judy Catlett
Mary Forrest          Carol Bowmaster             
?                     Ann Miller
Janet Varga            Virginia Koon           Larry Stanley          Sharon Fisher
JoAnn Shipp           Penny Paulson          Ralph Wolfe                 
      ?                Cathy VanLandingham    Don Anderson               ?
Martha May          Steve Eisenach           John Perry              ?
Barbara McGrail      Larry Hamilton         Ted James             Janet Sommer
                                                                                          Linda Lee


Mr. Landis was the teacher for the third 6th grade class. Evan was in his class. Who else?

 Many pictures on this page have unidentified students shown with question marks. Please help with identifying them. Email Evan at the address in the committee area with your much needed help. Thanks.

Riley School Pictures

Riley 3rd Grade  1951-1952  (This may be a 2nd and 3rd combined)

Left to Right
First Row                 Second Row               Third Row
     ?                             ?                              ?
     ?                      Jerry Parmore           Phil Hendrix
     ?                             ?                     Donna Boiler
     ?                             ?                              ?
     ?                             ?                              ?
     ?                    Bill Dresselhouse        James Worrest
     ?                             ?                               ?
                            Martha Klein                       ?


 Riley 4th Grade  1952-1953  Mrs. Owen

1. Donald Fielder                11. Joan ?                  21. Bill Lewis
2. Ruthlynn Cannon            12.  ?                         22.Phil Hendrix
3. Sandy K.                        13.  ?                         23. Donald Gies
?                                   14. James Worrest     24. Joseph R.
5. Jerry Parmore                 15. Joe Glick              25.   ?
6. Bill Dresselhouse ('62)    16. Donna Boiler         26. Jolene Schleckman
7. Kathleen Hobbs              17. Kenny Hill             27. Kathy Heckman
?                                   18. Bobby Matthews    28. Myron Sipp.
9. Eloise Horner ?               19. Lynda Higgins        29. Mike Mills
10. Martha Klein                 20. Charles Keyser       30. Graham S.



Riley 5th Grade   1953-1954    Miss Miller

Left to Right
Front Row      Second Row    Third Row         Fourth Row        Fifth Row

Mike Mills            Martha Klein     Jerry Parmore       Kathy Heckman      Phil Hendrix
Jim Worrest     Kathleen Hobbs   Donald Fielder      Lynne Morian               ?
Charles Keyser   Joe Glick        Jolene Schleckman  Bobby Matthews    Gayle Anderson
                          Eloise Horner       Kenny Hill           Shari Glancy        Donna Boiler
                          Myron Sipp           Bill Lewis          Lynda Higgins        Donald Gies


Riley 6th Grade   1954-1955    Miss Karr

Left to Right
Front Row         Second Row        Third Row        Fourth Row          Fifth Row
Martha Klein      Lyle Maxson      Eloise Horner   James Worrest    Phil Hendrix
Donald Fielder   Jerry Parmore   Bob Matthews     Mike Mills           Bill Lewis
Kathy Heckman    Joe Glick     Gayle Anderson   Charles Keyser  Donna Boiler
Sharon Gustafson   Judi Spes     Kathy Hobbs     Kenny Hill         Shari Glancy
                           Lynne Morian   Myron Sipp       Don Gies       Lynda Higgins


Bethany Grade School - Picture taken about 1961. Bethany was a high school until Northeast opened in 1941. The last grade school class left Bethany in the Spring of 1981.

Bethany 3rd Grade   1951-1952

  (left to right)
Front row                        Second row                  Third row
Janie Sobieszczyk                   ?                          Jean Campbell
Carla Ruthroff                 Sandy Welding             Judy Dutton
Mary Lou Schaffer           Mike Pierce                  Karen Splichal
Sid McCartney                Dick DeJarnette            Ann Munnis
Scott Taylor                   Ruth Miller                   Richard Hoffman
Bob Shriner                         ?                           Larry McChesney
Sandy Cook                         ?                            Neil Wachtel
Tom Hadley                   Robert Parrish                 

any 3rd Grade 1951-1952  Mrs McCreight

 (left to right)
Front Row           Second Row              Third Row         Fourth Row
Diane Dillow      Lorraine Sampson                        Jody Reeder
                       Bob Kerrey                  ?                        ?
      ?                         ?                          ?                        ?
 Paul Hill           Gerald Bouwens         Luke Cox                 ?
 JoAnn Shipp      Jim Gillette                    ?                        ?
       ?                       ?                            ?                        ?
                          Margaret Sieck              ?                       ?
                        Geraldine Bouwens          

Bethany 4th Grade  1952-1953

 (left to right)
Front Row                 Second Row         Third Row        Fourth Row
Geraldine Bouwens                          Patty Pitts      Frosty Chapman
Gerald Bouwens                                     ?                    ?
Oralie Skiles            Morrey Hester             ?           Margaret Sieck
Patty Coleman                 ?                 Jim Gillette    Larry Handa
Lorraine Sampson     Susan Davis                                 ?
Marian Bolin                   ?                        ?                    ?
                               Cindy Hester     Cherie Graves    Luke Cox
                               Cheryl Kennell


Bethany 4th Grade  1952-1953   Miss Siebert

  (left to right)

 Front Row                            Second Row                         Third Row
Donald Hanway                    Joyce Johnson                    Larry Rivers
         ?                                  Maureen West                            ?          
Gary Meng                                                                 Janiel Shepherd
Keith Jackson                      Mary Jean Bovey               Jody Reeder
Paul Hill                                Jo Ann Shipp                      Miss Siebert
Richard Faubel                     Michal Lemon                   Leroy Borreson
Bob Kerrey                           Cynthia Hester                    Kent Yates
Roger Martin                        Sandra Cook                              
                                                                                      Janet Everett


Bethany 4th Grade   1952-1953  Mrs. Stockholm

  (left to right)
Front row                        Second row                Third row

Kathy Lux                        Scott Taylor                   Judy Catlett
Edith Hart                        Sue Heilman                  Dick DeJarnette
Sarah Fitchett                  Richard Hoffman             Janeil Shepherd
Janie Sobieszczyk             Mary Lou Schaffer           Ruth Miller
Neil Wachtel                    Judy Goin                       Mary Jo Thacker
Larry McChesney             Tom Hadley                    Diane Faubel
Sandy James                                                      Karen Splichal
Judy Dutton                     Bob Shriner                   Mark Borchers
Mike Pierce                      Sid McCartney                Larry Delhay

Bethany 5th Grade   1953-1954  Mrs. Stockholm

  (left to right)
Front row                       Second row                   Third row

Scott Taylor                   Richard Hoffman            Diane Faubel
Judy Goin                      Jim Gillette                    Susan Lassek
Kathy Lux                      Sandy James                   ?
Edith Hart                      Judy Dutton                  Ruth Miller
Janie Sobieszczyk            Larry Handa                 Mary Jo Thacker
Mary Lou Schafer            Mike Pierce                  Luke Cox
Sue Heilman                  Sarah Fitchett               Karen Splichal
Sid McCartney                Marc Borchers               Gary Jelinek
Jim Hartman                  Larry McChesney

Bethany 5th Grade   1953-1954   Mrs. Wenzel

  (left to right)
Front row                      Second row                 Third row

Gary Bornemeier           Sandy Cook                 Jody Reeder
Tom Hadley                   Linda Sutter                Susan Way
Richard Faubel               Gary Meng                  Janeil Shepherd
Maureen West               JoAnn Shipp                LeRoy Borreson
Bob Kerrey                    Frosty Chapman           Janet Everett
Cynthia Hester              Mary Jean Bovey          Michael Lemon
Geraldine Bowens          Keith Jackson
                                    Cherie Graves

Bethany 5th Grade  1953-1954   Mrs Mercer

 (left to right)
Front Row                    Second Row               Third Row                    
Mary DeVaney          Gerald Bouwens         Margaret Sieck
Sheralynn Schaaf     Oralie Skiles               Diane Dillow
Lorraine Sampson    Patty Coleman             Carol Crane
Judy Waples             Kathy Scdoris             Karen Hess
                                                          William Ely
      ?                                                            ?
Morrey Hester                ?                         Scott Taylor
                                     ?                         Paul Hill

Bethany 6th Grade  1954-1955    Mrs. Hamilton

(left to right)

Front Row                         Second Row                    Third Row 
Harrold Bailey                   Mrs. Hamilton                 Marie Shefferd 
Morrey Hester                  Albert Jansa                    Judy Dutton
LeRoy Borreson               Gary Jelinek                    Billy Ely
Pat                                   Neil Wachtel                   Diane Faubel
Peter Berger                     Doug Jones                    Lee
Sheralynn Schaaf             Bill Griffith                      Richard DeJarnette
Kathy Scdoris                   Daniel Burnham             Diane Dillow
                                        Judy Waples                  Janie Sobieszczyk

Bethany 6th Grade  1954-1955    Mrs. Hinds

  (left to right)
First row                   Second row           Third row           Fourth row

Gary Bornemeier       Judy Goin            Mark Borchers     Jody Reeder
Gerald Bouwens        Mary Lou Schafer    Gary Meng        Karen Hess
Richard Faubel           Joyce Cook           Jo Ann Shipp           ?
Sid McCartney        Rosemary Wiernicke   Karen Splichal        ?
Mary Carlyn DeVaney  Larry McChesney   Sandy James    Steve Manley
Sandy Cook              Roger Martin         Joyce Johnson    Janeil Shepherd
Maureen West          Paul Hill                Sarah Fitchett      Larry Handa
                                                          Janet Everett         Chuck Patton

Bethany 6th Grade   1954-1955  Mrs. Stahlnaker

  (left to right)
First row               Second row            Third row             Fourth row

Oralie Skiles         Linda Sutter          Bob Kerrey           Mary Jo Thacker
Kathy Lux             Joyce Foster          Edith Hart                   ?
Cynthia Hester   Geraldine Bouwens   Mary Jean Bovey  Sharon Churchill
Lorraine Sampson    Pat Coleman        Luke Cox             Ruth Miller
Richard Hoffman     Cherie Graves      Michael Lemon      Susan Way
Tom Hadley          Keith Jackson        Frosty Chapman     Carol Conlan
Johnny Ray          Jim Gillette            Mike Pierce            Kent Yates
                                                       Joe Gorman             



Picture taken in the classroom of Mrs Stahlnaker. Notice how interested everyone is in what Keith is reading.



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